Guardian of the Baltic Sea is a charity line of jewellery designed by Kehrä Interior.  All the pieces are handmade in Finland from sustainable and high-quality materials. From every piece purchased a donation of 40 euros goes straight to BSAG the Baltic Sea Action Group, a charity foundation that protects the Baltic Sea. In September 2013 our first goal of 100 000 euros to this charity was reached and the money donated to BSAG.

Each pendant is a small action for a good cause and one link in a long chain which has a greater meaning for the future of the Baltic Sea. Let’s take care together of our beautiful sea and archipelago for us and the future generations to enjoy.

Baltic Sea - Commitment Maker

The alarming state of the Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) founded in 2008 is an independent foundation that does concrete work to advance the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea. At the moment the Baltic Sea is in a critical state and troubled by nutrient enrichment, also known as eutrophication. Nutrient loads to the Baltic Sea have significantly increased in recent decades, mostly because of population growth, intensified agriculture and usage of artificial fertilizers. Also climate change effects negatively to the Baltic Sea. The ecosystem is on the verge of collapse. According to the worst estimate over one third of the seafloor is already dead.

In addition to eutrophication also marine traffic and maritime safety form serious threat to the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is one of the most heavily trafficked seas in the world. There are about 2000 ships in the Baltic marine area at any given time, mostly cargo vessels and tankers. The third critical threat to the Baltic Sea are the hazardous substances.

The key aspect of BSAG´s operations is to bring all important actors from different societal levels to use their own core competence to help the Baltic Sea. Kehrä Interior’s jewelry project is a good example how an individual actor can help with its’ own expertise.

Guardian of the Baltic Sea jewelry project, launched in 2011 is helping the Baltic Sea indirectly: For every sold jewelry, portion of the selling price is donated to the Baltic Sea work. In the beginning of the project BSAG and Kehrä Interior placed a fundraising goal of 100 000 euros and the goal was achieved already in 2013.

The co-operation did not stop after the goal was reached but it keeps evolving. The jewelry collection has expanded with new pieces and Kehrä Interior made its second Commitment “Guardian of the Baltic Sea 2” in the beginning of the 2014. The co-operation between BSAG and Kehrä Interior is driven by a common goal to leave a living and vibrant Baltic Sea for the future generations.