We donate 20 euros to BSAG and 20 dollars to Ocean Unite on your behalf from each sold Guardian piece.

As our mission to raise funds for protecting the Baltic Sea continues, we have started a new charity partnership with Ocean Unite. Our aim is to unite people for the common cause of protecting all of our planet's seas and oceans. With our new collection Guardian of the Ocean, our goal is to raise 500.000 USD by the year 2022 in support of Ocean Unite.

Ocean Unite & Guardian of the Ocean

Our new charity partner Ocean Unite is working to supercharge positive Ocean action. As an Ocean Guardian you will support the aim to highly protect 30% of the planets Ocean by 2030, the minimum level of protection scientists say is needed to ensure a healthy Ocean future. From the icy waters of Antarctica, to the crystal blue sea of the Caribbean, Ocean Unite is working to create a better future for our Blue Planet.

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BSAG & Guardian of the Baltic Sea

Today the Baltic Sea is in critical condition – it is considered one of the most polluted seas in the world. It can still be saved but actions should be taken immediately.

BSAG works as a matchmaker among all levels of society, including the highest political level in all the Baltic Sea countries, public authorities, and the private sector to restore the good ecological balance of the Baltic Sea.

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